Ways to Give and Donate Online today.

Why Give

Help grow the qathet region’s own
permanent savings account.

Think of the Foundation as our community savings account. When you make a gift through us, we pool it with other gifts and invest it to amplify everyone’s impact. The earnings from this investment (called an Endowment, or Long Term Fund) become grants that the community can spend every year − forever.

Today, our local fund has grown to a $1.5 million (2023) endowment fund. This fund is the qathet region’s greatest asset and a key driver for many charities in the region.

Together, we have the unmatched ability to address these needs.

This foundation was started as a means of addressing a need in our community that was not being met. We have been helping caring people, just like you, give back to the community in meaningful ways for more than 23 years. By working with us, you get the benefit of an experienced and trusted partner, committed to getting the most out of what you give. We can help you leave a lasting and meaningful legacy to the qathet region.

The more we invest together, the greater the benefit to all, today and for the long term.