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Vital Signs Powell River

How are we doing as a community?

What ISSUES are most important to us? How does our FUTURE look?

These are just some of the questions tackled by Powell River’s Vital Signs, a comprehensive report produced by the Powell River Community Foundation on the vitality of our community.

The report explores over 45 indicators of community well-being in key areas selected by Powell River’s charitable, non-profit and community groups. By clicking one of the buttons below you can access the complete PDF reports.

This report is of huge value to our Local Governments, Schools, Health Care and Business community to understand the changes and challenges of our Community. As well, it allows our residents an understanding of our current state. The gathering of this information, and having local involvement creates a meaningful document for all.

Vital Signs helps us figure out which issues in our community are most in need of attention, and how we might make this an even better place to live.