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Application Evaluation Criteria

Applications are evaluated on the ability of the proposed project to meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The project is intended to address specific needs in one or more of the fields of interest.
  • The project is likely to be effective in achieving its goals and objectives and may serve as a model for others.
  • The project proposal defines clear outcomes and includes strategies to monitor progress and evaluate effectiveness.
  • The project addresses community opportunities and challenges identified in Powell River’s “Vital Signs” report.
  • The project supports community and cultural diversity and demonstrates inclusiveness.
  • The project demonstrates innovation.
  • The project builds capacity in the local community, organizations and/or individuals.
  • The project involves those who will be affected by the proposal in its development, implementation and evaluation, where appropriate.
  • The project demonstrates collaboration with others in the same field.
  • The project includes volunteers, where appropriate.
  • The project demonstrates commitment from applicants and their partners in the form of funds, personnel and other resources.
  • The project demonstrates or is expected to generate broad community support.
  • The project budget is realistic and the funding goals are likely to be met.
  • The project proposal provides realistic plans for longer term funding if the project will continue after the initial funding period.

The Community Foundation is committed to equitable consideration of applications from qualified organizations for projects that address the fields of interest. The Foundation will consider repeat applications, but it may limit the frequency of grants awarded to any one organization to ensure broad community access to funds and appropriate distribution of funds among the various fields of interest.

Funding Restrictions

Grants are not ordinarily made towards the following:

  • 100% of project costs
  • Organization that Fail to complete and submit an evaluation report
  • retroactive funding for expenses incurred prior to the application date
  • core operating expenses including wages; except for start-up or emergency bridging under certain conditions (See Notes 1 & 2, below)
  • capital or operating deficits
  • debt retirement, contributions to reserves, or endowments
  • activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership and/or their direct religious purposes
  • political organizations
  • fund-raising campaigns
  • scholarships, bursaries or fellowships
  • academic research
  • sabbatical leaves; student exchanges
  • costs related to private publications
  • new office equipment and furniture
  • computer labs
  • library acquisitions
  • medical equipment
  • construction of large-scale public infrastructure projects (e.g., schools, libraries, health care facilities)
  • amateur sports
  • travel to / attendance at conferences, competitions, symposia or annual events


  1. Where an application pertains to a new project that will continue for more than one year, the Community Foundation may, at its discretion, award grant funds for first year operating expenses provided that the applicant submits a solid business plan demonstrating reliable sources of revenue to cover future years’ operating costs.
  2. Where an established project is experiencing a temporary revenue shortfall, the Community Foundation may, at its discretion, award grant funds for current year operating costs.


Grants available from other donor-directed funds administered by the Foundation are not restricted by these guidelines.

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